New Year, New Me…

Nahhh! New year, slightly different me. Nothing’s changed just cause the date has. Although, I started a new chapter in my life in last September, and I’m in much different place now. I joined The High Desert Center gap year program with 14 other wonderful, adventurous, and loving young adults. Our time together, along with all of the staff members, has changed. my. life. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it sure feels like my life was turned upside down! The first semester was incredibly difficult at times, but immensely fulfilling. I’ve learned so much about myself and everyone in the program. I feel like I have another family, and it feels amazing.

So with this new year comes another new adventure. I am traveling more than I ever have. I’m from New Jersey, and I had never been out west before last year. Since then I’ve┬ádone almost two full cross-country road trips. This second one I am on now, I will make it completely across. It’s WILD! I’ve been through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennesse, Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico. The most recent state is Arizona, and I love it here! The mountains are mesmerizing, and I’ve eaten so much authentic Mexican food… I can’t get enough!

In less than 2 weeks I’ll be at my next stop, California, and my cross-country trip will be complete!!

I want to keep blogging, EATING, and taking as many pictures as I can. I’m also going to plan as little as possible about my trip and totally go with what I’m feeling for the day. Oh, and I want to read more. I guess you could say those are my “resolutions.”

Until next time…